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I want to bring my pets to your clinic, but how do I get their previous medical history from another veterinarian?

​​Give us a call! Once we know the name and location of your previous veterinary clinic, we will contact them and have them send your pet's medical records to us.

When do puppies and kittens need their vaccinations?

Puppies can be given their first combination vaccination at 6-8 weeks old. They will need a second booster three weeks later (at about 10-12 weeks) and a third, final booster at 16+ weeks. Puppies are ready for their rabies vaccination at 16+ weeks of age.

Kittens can receive their first combination vaccination when they are 8-9 weeks old. They will need a second booster 2-3 weeks later. Additionally, kittens should receive their rabies vaccination at 16+ weeks of age.

​Should I choose a one-year or three-year rabies vaccination for my pet?

All states require that dogs and cats be vaccinated for rabies. If your pet is receiving its very first rabies vaccination, or if its previous rabies inoculation has expired, then we are required by law to give a one-year rabies vaccination. A three-year rabies vaccination becomes an option for pets after they've received at least one annual rabies inoculation and it hasn't expired. Confusing? Yes, a little. But we're here to help! Our veterinarian can discuss the options available to you during your appointment.

I need to board my dogs at a kennel. What vaccinations will they be required to have?

Boarding kennels require that all routine vaccinations be up-to-date. This includes rabies and the distemper/parvo/coronavirus combination vaccination. They will also require a bordetella vaccination. Bordetella, also called Kennel Cough, is a highly contagious infection, and the vaccine can help prevent it. Read more about kennel cough in this informative American Kennel Club article.

Do you board animals at your clinic?

At this time, our veterinary clinic boards cats only. Give us a call for more details!

At what age should I have my pet spayed/neutered?

Both dogs and cats can be spayed/neutered once they've turned four months old. Ideally, they should be fixed between four and six months of age.

When should I be treating my dog with heartworm preventative?

It is best to treat your pets with a heartworm preventative year-round. However, due to our climate and longer winters, the most crucial months to treat your pets are April-September.